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2021 Volvo XC60 Recharge
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Hi all,

I just picked up my '21 XC60 Recharge after getting my care key reprogrammed and noticed that all the XC60s/XC90s on the lot (may have been other models) had a tag on the dash indicating that the car could not be sold due to a temporary stop sale order from Volvo. I asked the service advisors and he indicated that he was unsure as to what the issue was, but expected more information and potentially a recall on some models effective Tuesday, 9/7.

Anyone have any more information/insight into this? Makes me think I should have brought in the car a week later :p

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I hadn't heard anything, but there does look to be a recall from Sunday on about 20k cars limited to 21-22 models.

"Volvo Cars Investigations have identified that there may be a risk that certain seat belts with the Automatic Locking Retractor have not been produced according to specification and may result in early deactivation of locking feature used to tightly secure a child's restraint system/seat."

It's limited to specific serial number ranges. It's only for use with car seats when NOT using the LATCH system. It could cause the seatbelt to not lock.

Edit... and it looks like it's just an inspection to see if yours is out of spec... so not all cars in the range will have a repair done, but rather be checked to see if they need one.
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