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Hello All,

I recently started having problems playing music on my 2011 RD with a newly acquired iPod Touch. I purchased the iPod in April and initially had no problems playing music in the vehicle. Out of the blue a couple of months ago some goofy things started happening:

1) When navigating away from the currently playing song, rather than going back one "window" at a time, most of the time the iPod goes directly back to the main menu screen which lists Artists, Albums, Songs etc.
2) The main annoying problem is when a new artist/album/song is selected, the first several seconds of the new song is played three or four times before the song plays in it's entirety (the song keeps starting over). When this happens the graphics showing the artist and current song remain unchanged from the previous artist/song for up to four or five songs before changing to the correct artist/song.
3) Older iPods (Nano) play without any issues in the vehicle and the iPod Touch works as it should on it's own or when paired to other audio systems.

I just had the Sensus updated at my local dealer thinking this would resolve the issue but no change. One of the technicians tried playing music on the system with his iPhone 6 and had the same problems. The technicians are stumped and other than change out the usb port they don't know what else to do. They have emailed Volvo for advice and are waiting for an answer before trying anything else.

Has anybody else had issues similar to what I am experiencing?
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