Calgary, Alberta, Canada (November 1, 2006)

Re: iMIV product information and release date.

Today, Sensolutions Inc announced the release of the first of their new product line: the iPod™ Multi-Media Melbus Module, or iMIV ['aim fo:r] for short. The iMIV adapter takes iPod™ Car Integration to a new and much higher level. The iMIV fully leverages all the rich features of the iPod™ into the car’s OEM system and provides a crisp and clear audio quality along with vivid video images that put other adapters to shame.

Through the radio and steering wheel controls the iMIV adapter can control 99(!) Playlists and allows a free choice of Playlist names. It supports “Shuffle mode”, “Fast navigation” through your tracks and Playlists, and shows you “Play list and Track information”. User upgradeable firmware of the iMIV assures you the latest iPod™ features at your fingertips. iPod™ models from the 3rd generation on are supported.

The iMIV can be used with late model Volvo™ vehicles that have a HU-XXX/ HU-1205 model head unit. These are the V40/S40 classic, the current S60/V70, and previous generation S80. Installation is straight forward with the option of premium installation kits that simplify the job. For securing your iPod™, mounts and vehicle clips by Brodit / ProClip® are offered.

The iMIV was developed in collaboration with AudioMusicDesign.

iMIV's will start shipping the week of November 13th, with a base retail price of $159.95 USD.

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