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Hello all, thank for you for reading etc.

I have been a Nissan owner for a while, 2009 Murano, 2012 Rogue, 2012 Quest, and currently a 2012 Leaf EV and a 2016 Infiniti QX60.

We are expecting a 3rd kid in April and my wife who drives the Infiniti wants me, who drives the leaf to sell the leaf and get something safer and bigger for the baby...

I am a big guy at 6 foot 8 and...big..heh - yeah I know, WTF Nissan Leaf? but I actually fit decently in the over grown gold cart.

I first drove a XC90 when we were in the market for what turned out to be the infiniti and I fell in love with how comfortable it was for my largeness heh.

So now I am looking to get a 2016+ XC90 for myself... for the current budget I have found various momentums and some inscriptions.

Mostly what I am seeking to know is what are the thoughts on a 80-100k mile vs 40-60k mile car? sometimes the higher mile ones are seen as "better chance" as they have surpassed many of the "after standard warranty" issues. I have read up on the spark plugs (so that worries me) and also on the sound system differences as that was a question... so thank you for this community as it has already answered my questions.

Also, anyone have exp with a GOOD 3rd party warranty company - I was thinking the general 2-4k price difference between a 50kish and a 90kish could be spent on a warranty - as all used cars come with inherent risk... generally a few years coverage on a 3rd party is 1-2k.

Thank you all in advance.
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