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So I was involved in an incident a few weeks ago that necessitated the replacement of my driver's seat frame. The shop doing the repair and my local dealer have re-ordered the seat frame three times due to an incorrect part number (the part they received wasn't the same as my old one). Apparently, it also has a different feature. After three tries, Volvo told the dealer that the part was correct and supersedes the old part number.

According to the shop, Volvo says that they added an additional function to the MY18 seats so the seat back can be reclined fully. There's a lever on the seat that didn't exist on my MY17. The new part number is 31363833. There's also a small cover for the lever that must be added. This manual function is in addition to the electric adjustments of a normal P* seat.

Can anyone confirm that function on their MY18? I'm not opposed to using the new part if it's correct, although it seems strange to have one seat with the function and one without.

The confusion about the part number has also delayed the repair by over two weeks. If you require a similar repair, hopefully my experience will save you some time.
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