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Re: Searching for an R: need some help (stevectsai)


I'd quote you for reference, but...
How old are your girlfriends? I hope I don't see you or your R on an upcoming episode of Dateline NBC!!!


There are several of us with '04s that are rock solid. My 2004 S60R has been a faithful steed with little/no trouble since new. Any work beyond oil changes were repairs to damage inflicted by the dealership staff (don't get me started). The manual transmission is excellent and has been trouble-free as well. I highly recommend the manual as the GT has a torque limiter in the low gears (258lb/ft vs. 295lb/ft) and shifting with the turbo is a blast. What to look out for? A few common trouble spots that others have reported include ticking in the front hubs (axle splines) and oil leaking from the rear of the engine (angle gear for AWD). I'm sure others will chime in with their recommendations. Have any used car thoroughly checked out by your local Volvo dealer - one that has a tech with R experience. An inspection is well worth the expense if you are ready to purchase a particular car. Lastly, I would avoid eBay unless you are confident that the seller is trustworthy or you can inspect the car in person. I recently saw an "accident free" S60R up for bid with all of the rear badges askew and in the wrong locations on the decklid (most likely a poorly concealed repair). Good luck!

If you find one with a warranty, we can definitely help you pinpoint any emerging trouble so you can have it addressed on Volvo's dime.

- Tryg
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