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Quote, originally posted by Kivas »
I am also running into a problem that there are not too many that I can find in my area. I have looked on autotrader, and most of the good deals are over 200 miles away and I am not sure I will be able to go that far to look at a car I am not sure I will buy. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to track one down? Also, is it worth spending more on a certified pre owned one? Thanks again for all the help.

I recently purchased a new R as I loved my 04 so much. I had my 04 shipped 2000 miles from a dealer in Florida to CA. I just flew 600 miles to drive my new one home from San Francisco.
My point is, if the deal is right, get it shipped or fly to drive her home and make an aventure out of the purchase.
Figure on getting an extended warranty on the car. It will likely cost you $2-2.5k, but you should be then covered to 80-100k miles. This car could be very costly to repair, so balance the cost of a lower mileage (say 20k with factory warranty to 50k) to a less expensive car with 30-40k (but definitely getting the extended warranty) and see what works better for you.
Be patient, do your homework and if you find a car some distance away, ask the seller to take it to the local dealer on your dime to be inspected. If all is good (as it should be if it has any warranty left) go for it.
Good luck.
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