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So I traded some dell pc i wasn't using for these two 12" pioneer subs with a phoenix gold amp in an enclosure.

I am told I shall be expelled from the town forthwith.

Local electronics retailer offered for 75$ power wire and connectors, a low pass filter to splice into the rear speakers, fuse, speaker wiring and a remote wire.

Is that pretty much a ripoff? If so what's the mono price of enthusiast car audio connectors and wires?

If not I shall pick that up when the essentials mentioned in that other thread have been covered.

Oh, on the 815 radio, how do I splice in an aux connector into the wiring loom that hooks up to it?

Definitely like the oem and period correct Findlay too much to upgrade to supposedly better mofsets and such tomfoolery.

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Nice trade. That "low pass filter" will sound like crap. Amp kits are typically $40-$50.

You can buy an adapter that will plug into the amp socket on the back of the factory headunit that will give you digital quality rca.
If you don't have a factory amp http://www.discountcarstereo.com/AiH-VOL.html
If you do have a factory amp http://www.discountcarstereo.com/AiH-VOL2.html

As for aux input there is no way to tap into the harness but there is a way to solder onto the casset cartridge.

Alternatives (and much higher sound quality)
Yatour Media Changer
Grom audio unit

Few others im drawing a blank on them. The yatour is the cheapest way to add aux input. I ran one for over a year and was very happy with it till i upgraded my head unit.
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