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Any advice would be appreciated!

ProLogic mode sounds the best, but a high-pitched whine kicks in after 5 minutes, then I have to switch to 3CH.

Any way to upgrade software to ProLogic II and get the rear speakers back?

The 3CD-changer rejects any burned CD and any CD with even the slightest scratch.

With only the bass/treble control, sound is way middy and sucks! A radio this expensive w/o a 3-band EQ? My minivan's is better!

What are good replacement stereos for this unit that will have a decent stock look?

Thanks for any help. (Oh, HT, of course, and the mile-wide turning circle and the teeth chatter are actually the worst parts.

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Re: SC-901/Dolby: The worst part of my 2004 C70 - Help! (dnsjo)

For about $150 (Double check this. May be old info), Alpine will refurb the 901.
I haven't got the 800 number handy, but watch this space.

And there IS an EQ...It's just hiding. This is from the 2000 OM:

Setting the internal equalizer

To select the frequency correction:
· Switch off the radio.
· Hold down preset button 2 (B).
· Switch the radio on again.
· Press button 2 until the desired curve appears : S70-V70-S40-V40-Custom.

Setting the custom equalizer (Custom EQ) - SC-901 only

· Select "Custom EQ" by switching off the radio, holding down preset button 2 and switching the radio again. Select "Custom" (see point B).

· Press Scan.
· Press preset button 1-5 within 5 seconds:
Preset button 1 = set bass (60 Hz)
Preset button 2 = set mid-range bass (200 Hz)
Preset button 3 = set lower mid-range (800 Hz)
Preset button 4 = set upper mid-range (3 kHz)
Preset button 5 = set treble (12 kHz)
· Adjust the setting by turning the Tune knob clockwise (increase) or counterclockwise (decrease). The change can be seen in the display, as
well as heard.
· Use preset button 6 to adjust the settings of the front or rear speaker.
F = Front
R = Rear
Please note that the equalizer curves can be adjusted separately for the front and rear speakers.
· When you are satisfied with the adjustments you have made, press Scan again to store the settings.
· Press Scan once again to exit the settings mode.

If it sounds like it's lacking highs and bass, reset the EQ and check for hosed drivers.
All in all, it's a pretty decent Alpine built system.
( You may even have the Dynaudio upgrade. Look on a speaker label.)

I'm not sure what you mean by "get the rear speakers back".
But, it sounds like yours got trashed...Bummer...

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Re: SC-901/Dolby: The worst part of my 2004 C70 - Help! (BEJinFbk)

Thanks for pointing this out about the EQ - it was in my owner's manual all along! Sounds better already.

The rear speakers drop out to a low rumble in PL mode. I thought this was a normal PL glitch (home or auto), which was fixed with ProLogic II, which we don't have. Fade to your rears only in PL mode - what do you get?

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Re: SC-901/Dolby: The worst part of my 2004 C70 - Help! (dnsjo)

The Dolby system in the Gen 1 cars is analog, just to get that outta the way.

The rears are normal in regular and 3 ch mode. In surround, they become
rear ambient effect speakers.
A little reverb, a little delay, yada yada yada...So they may sound sort of hollow alone.
You may have a funky Dolby unit. It lives in the dash behind the HU.
It's probably worth popping the HU and checking the DIN connection to it.
Just unplug and replug it. If you have a mildy funky connection, that might get it.

The EQ in mine is running in the preset mode for V's and it will make your
ears bleed with out being pushed into clipping. Really not bad for OEM.
But my wagon could use a sub some days...
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