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I am the proud owner of a C70 convertible since May 2000.
But I am disappointed with the CD player of the SC-901. It has problems to start playing self burned audio CD-Rs. It seems to be very particular which brand of CD-R media it can play well. Some brands it cannot play at all like Sony. Some others it will start playing but only after awhile. My problem is that "awhile" can range from a few seconds which is bearable to more than 5 minutes (yes minutes!!) which is totally unbearable. During the time the player needs to start playing I can hear strange noises from the SC-901. It seems like it tries to get hold of the track and for unknown reasons cannot do so in a short time. After it has started to play it can play the whole CD-R without any further problem.
I am really very disappointed because my 10 year old CD player at home has no problem at all with any CD-R I have burned. Only the SC-901 which is praised so highly is unable to start playing in a reasonable time.
The SC-901 unit has no problems to play normal (not self burned) audio CDs.

Has anybody any advice which brand of CD-R media works well with the SC-901? I have tried so far several different brands from Pioneer, Maxell, Sony, Phillips, Verbatim, JVC, VIP, Traxdata, Fuji, ... but have not found one that works well.
Or do I have a broken unit and should I get it repaired?

If I cannot find a solution to this problem I am now at a point where I am considering replacing the SC-901 with some other audio unit probably together with some navigation device if that is possible. Any recommendations? Is it easy to remove the SC-901 and put into something different and still use the amplifier and the speakers?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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