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I was driving through Cornwall, NY on 218 with the roof off my car, beautiful day... and I see a red S40 coming at me.

Or is that an S40? It looks a bit more bulbous, like someone softened the front and then put an air pump to it and pumped up the front...

Then I got closer... and realized it's a new C70, top down! Red with a light interior, woman driving (of course

Anyhow, the car looked great rolling down the road. Very smooth and flowing design. Couldn't really tell much about the tail lights since the car was red and hid their shape, but the way the Volvo shoulders flowed to the tail was pretty slick.

Overall it looked like a great car as we passed. We were going slow in a town, so I got a decent look.

Really cool car, but the look and the red / tan combo definitely gave it a "chick car" look. I think with 300 hp and black on black with some pegs, it'd be hot
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