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At a SwedeSpeed meetup earlier this year I promised a member I would post this incredible write-up from Ate Up With Motor. I forgot to do so until today, so here you are:

"Sainted Swede: The Volvo P1800 and 1800ES

The Swedish automaker Volvo is best known for its solid (and often square) sedans and wagons, but starting in 1961, it also offered a sleek two-door sports coupe called the P1800 -- best known for its role in the 1960s TV version of The Saint. This week, we look at the origins and evolution of the P1800, its 1800S and 1800E successors, and its ultimate metamorphosis into a sporty two-door shooting brake, the 1972-1973 1800ES..." >>>LINK<<<

BTW, If you disagree with the author he is very open to comments and includes an astonishingly long bibliography at the end of each of his articles listing any and all sources.
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