The 90 series of Volvos is about to get safer thanks to new features that take advantage of information the cars are already collecting. The updates will, among other things, warn drivers of slippery road conditions and cars that have pulled over on the road ahead.

The technologies, called Slippery Road Alert and Hazard Light Alert, will use data collected by cars on the road ahead to warn drivers about dangerous driving conditions. Both do, essentially, what the names suggest by using a car-to-car communication system.

"Today's Volvos contain many safety sensors. We believe that sharing safety-related information - whether around conditions or hazards on the road ahead is a thoughtful and useful way to use the information the car is already gathering," says Dr Peter Mertens, Senior VP of R&D. "With Connected Safety, Volvo Cars is helping to define a completely new type of road safety system."

And since the 90 series and the updated 60 series-when it comes-can be updated remotely, these new safety features can be added to cars on the road. That also means that the systems maps can be updated "Over-the-Air."

Volvo has also announced that its 90 series cars will now support Android Auto and will be the only cars to offer a split screen, that allows the driver to use both their smartphone functions and in-car features without changing screens.

"This is primarily a safety-related feature, designed to make our interface the easiest to use on the market," says Dr Mertens.

Android Auto start screen

The 90 series will also be offered with updated powertrain options, starting this month. The D3 4-cylinder engine will now be coupled to a 6 speed automatic or manual transmission, which will both get 4.3 l/100km (54.7mpg) bring emissions down to 114 g/km of CO2.

Finally, a new color has been added to S90 and V90 called Maple Brown.