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OK...so...I have a 2006 Volvo S40 T5 ... which does not run at present...so begins the tale of woe.
Someone...ahem...nicked the lower radiator hose and caused a coolant leak which caused an overheat. No biggie...filled the radiator, replaced the oil and ordered parts. I was keeping an eye on the managable leak...filling as neccessary. Then, the same someone...who will remain unnamed...*koff* wife *koff*...drove the car off without checking the coolant and...overheated it again. Dammit.

Now, the car will crank but not start... sounds terrible doing so. I removed the upper cover and pulled the plugs... all looked pretty good. The engine turned over smoothly without the plugs in. No peanut butter on the oil filler and no evidence of such on the dipstick. So far, so good... But...compression test unsat... 90 @ 1, 50ish on 2-4 and 160 @5. Sounds to me like a warped head.

So, the car has 136K on it, needs timing belt, water pump, shocks plus the aforementioned head machining and gasket set.

Should I do it or pull chocks and get another car?
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