The S90 has only been officially for about a day now (V90 to come early next year), but the UK's Autocar Magazine says that a Polestar variant is just a matter of time.  According to a report published earlier today , Autocar claims that Volvo President Håkan Samuelsson has all but confirmed a forthcoming Polestar version of both cars, possibly utilizing hybrid drivetrains like the T8.

In the article, Samuelsson and other Volvo insiders are quoted as seeing great potential in the Polestar brand, as well as being quite intrigued by what Audi is currently doing with "fast wagons."  It also doesn't hurt that Volvo's got a rich heritage of fast wagons themselves, including the BTCC competitors of the 90s, and the current V60 Polestar offering.

It seems the largest challenge for Volvo, will be making their performance variants fit within the brand's grown-up, environmentally conscious image.  Whatever they come up with, we're sure it'll be quite good.  And we hope it comes in Rebel Blue.

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