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My 2001 S80 T6 engine threw a rod thru the block after 360k miles. I found a donor engine out of a 2000 S80 with less than 90k miles.
I have swapped the engines nod after about 1100 miles the donor engine developed major oil leaks. Found cam seal in intake cam "hanging there" when I removed the gear. I replaced the 2 front seals along with oil pump seal kit o ring, gasket and shaft seal).
Still have oil leaks. Put a rubber glove on oil fill. At idle I get suction, but as throttle increases, glove inflates, so I am guessing a PCV issue, but everything seems to be clean and not clogged.
Have had the box off 2x and have blown air thru all lines and checked the ports on the block.. The box is empty, and air flows thru without problem. The small line off the banjo fitting is not clogged. Yet I still have leaks. Oil seems to be leaking from cam seal again, although it is not pouring out as before. Have leaks around oil filter cap too.
All the lines seem to be where they should be and appear in good shape
I am at a loss as to how to fix this. I don't want to hand the keys to a dealership - can't afford that.
What am I missing? Is there anything to be done to ETM when working/ cleaning the PCV system?
Thank you for your time
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