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Hi everyone

My fuel pump failed a few months ago and was replaced. Recently I failed my warranty due to a fuel leak in that error as there was a seal folded over. That was replaced and solved.

However now my trip computer reads very high (average 20ish litre/100km with a very light foot). Even if you just start the car, it keeps climbing (climbed from 20.0 to 20.7 within 60seconds...). I am sure the car isn't burning this fuel, but what could be wrong? I will take it back to garge shortly, have just been trying to run more fuel through it to see if it corrected itself. I am reset the trip computer but just jumps straight back up.

Car is a B5204T2 1998 S70 and with a heavy foot around town I would at max have 15litre/100km however usually it would read 12-14.

Thanks for looking and any advice would be much appreciated.
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