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I love the ride of the S70GLT, but the power
seems to be lacking. I am not a hotrodder,
but when I do step on it, like other posters
here, I have to see at 3400 for awhile before
I feel good power, but that is not huge
power. Can someone post suggestions for
adding horsepower/quicker acceleration ?


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I thought our '99 GLT was pretty quick. But after getting back into it for the first time in months after driving my '00 S4 with Tiptronic its not so "quick" anymore.

I believe IPD offers a chip and exhaust for the GLT. I'm not sure of their pricing nor what kind of HP gains.

The magazines show a mid 6sec 0-60 for the GLT. I haven't done a side by side with the S4, which is also suppose to be a mid 6sec 0-60 for the Tip, but the S4 "feels" quicker.

The S70GLT is still a very nice, quick car

'00 S4
'99 S70 GLT
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