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S60R/V70R Front and possibly rear calipers custom painted by EVOLVE

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Factory Volvo / Brembo Four Piston Brake Calipers

Stock calipers from 2003-2007 Volvo S60R and V70R

Two calipers: Left Front, Right Front
These were removed from an EVOLVE Show Car with maybe 25k miles on them. Includes spring clips, brake pads (need replacement), and EVOLVE Braided Stainless Brake Lines (cosmetically challenged but functional).

Painted red with EVOLVE logo. Paint in fair condition--some small scratches.

These will bolt onto any 2001 and newer S60 or V70 (make sure your wheels have sufficient clearance) when used with the "R" specific 330mm rotors.

$500 shipped obo for the fronts only.

As of now I am keeping the rears.

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Saw these on ebay when evolve was selling them, if they were a different color I would've been interested. Good luck with the sale.
Re: (carreragt7)

What color do you want them? They are a breeze to paint. Here is a set I painted for my wagon.
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Re: (yellow95)

I'd have painted them black. If I were buying any I'd probably want the whole set, I watched the auction on ebay and decided to let them pass. Good luck with the sale though! Nice set of brakes, someone could get a decent deal on them.
$450 shipped in the US
Re: S60R/V70R Front and possibly rear calipers custom painted by EVOLVE (yellow95)

Will these fit a 95 850 T5R with 17" Titans?
So, are the items in this thread related to the EVOLVE fronts in the other thread? Are these still available? If so, I have a proposition for you.

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PM'd you on the "proposition"
Keep upgrading the thread gary, might be interested.

Re: (yellow95)

Quote, originally posted by yellow95 »
PM'd you on the "proposition"

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