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Re: s60rnewbie : need help!!! (s60rnewbie)

Quote, originally posted by s60rnewbie »
Hi all,
i just bought a 2003 s60r - automatic (suppose it's the first batch).
a few things which i would like to do is:
1) have a ecu upgrade
2) change the exhaust system
3) would like to change the bodykit i.e front bumper, side skirts, back bumper.

please advise on which is the best and cost effective..appreciated your help..thanks..

1) yes at least four, IPD, BSR, Evolve, RICA
2)Lots have, IPD, FERRITA etc.
3)Many have done this too, pic in the R gallery in the stickies at the top, Evolve or ATspeed.

Search really is your friend, happy hunting.

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