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I was up in San Luis Obispo for a work conference. I was heading home Friday afternoon - enjoying my drive down the 101 at about 2pm. It was really pretty.

I came upon a group of about 10 M3s! All of them looked really fixed up. Exhausts, lowered, you name it. CSL trunks....they looked nice. I didn't know it at the time, but I later learned that Bimmerfest is this weekend in Santa Barbara, so they were probably going there.

I came up along side them and was slightly passing them and almost every one of them did the double take of my R and quite a few shot me some thumbs up.

One of them started following me, wanting to "see what I had". Kill stories aren't allowed here....so I'll leave the details out. Suffice it to say, nothing reckless occured, and no one died...

the guy had a passenger and when all was done, he yelled "that thing is FAST" and gave me a big thumbs up and a big smile. He tried to say something about how his trunk was full of stuff....I guess he wanted to let me know his car was weighed down.....

He then proceeded to whip out his video camera and take video of my car as they cruised along.

It was kind of cool to cruise up to some of the NICEST M3s I have ever seen - get thumbs up from them, then run one - then get told "your car is really fast" then have them take video of my car.

Made my day.
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