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S60R built motor??

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after months of research I’ve narrowed it down to three options 1) buying a 4t3/9 and swapping the r oil pan and head and calling it a day 2) the same as option 1 but swapping in the crank and rods from the 4t4 for the 93.5 mm stroke 3) or throwing k1 forged conrods wiesco forged pistons and the 4t4 crank for a built 4t3/9 with the better 93.5 mm stroke. If you guys could let me know what ballpark hp/tq numbers i could make reliably with each setup that would also be great
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450 o 500 is reasonable to do. Above 500 takes some patients and time. Not many good options for intake and Exhaust Manifold. Milletech is the go-to but aven heard back from Nikola, Trying to get some titanium exhaust tips
The top of the line Milletch will cost as much as some whole cars, But they are well designed
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