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S60R built motor??

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after months of research I’ve narrowed it down to three options 1) buying a 4t3/9 and swapping the r oil pan and head and calling it a day 2) the same as option 1 but swapping in the crank and rods from the 4t4 for the 93.5 mm stroke 3) or throwing k1 forged conrods wiesco forged pistons and the 4t4 crank for a built 4t3/9 with the better 93.5 mm stroke. If you guys could let me know what ballpark hp/tq numbers i could make reliably with each setup that would also be great
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I'd go the Dougy route, and weld/machine an adapter to the stock manifold to run a regular T3 turbo. Look up his build thread, tons of great info.

Like this: GT3582R T3 exhaust housing with 45mm WG hole &amp...
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