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I am looking to buy a new year's present for my SR, 3" downpipe with sport high flow cat - i saw one on the bsr tuning page and after inquiry, they advised me that it is not recommended to install it as they do not have stage3 sw ( i guess they mean map/tune) done....

I am planning on doing a custom map/tune on a dyno after it's installed, which should solve the "problem".

Anyhow - what could have happen if i would fit in on kept driving it without any sw/tune/map done?

Noob question i know...i am not much into tuning, just want to give R some additional kick in the but and to make it breath more easy....

All other Will be stock on the car, only downpipe and a custom map, it is used as a daily making 25k - 30k kms per year.

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