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S60 upgrade questions

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Hey I've been following the chip posts for the s60. I know very little about modifying cars but adding an ecu,exhaust, and chip sounds very promising to enhance the performance of the car. I'm just curious as to how all this affects the overall life and maintenance of the engine or how volvo feels when you take the car in for repairs past warranty. If its not detrimental to the engine life this is something I could really be interested in. Anyways, any info or links are cool. I have a 2001 Black S60 with tinted windows, and the 17" tethys.
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Congrats on the new car. You may want to check out this article on our Project 854R. It's covers a lot of the stuff you mention. Otherwise, you may want to also call IPD and discuss it with them. They're a wealth of knowledge and the info I got from them helped substantially in the writing of that article.
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