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Re: S60 T5 to R when to trade? (myVolvoS60T5)

Quote, originally posted by myVolvoS60T5 »
Hey guys, well I love my T5, but I just can't get enough for VOlvo! I got my T5 over a year ago, but I was wondering when is the best time to trade in my T5 for an R? My finance company offered even a lower rate for a new trade car... hehe.

There's rarely a "good" time to trade since depreciation will always be steep in the initial years. If you put enough down on the T5, you may have an equity position but it is ultimately up to you on whether you want to take the bite. As a reference, I was offered $27K on a straight sale (to the dealer) for my 2004 R w/14K miles. I paid $38K for it two years ago.

Phuz....a trade in may make sense if the state has a sales tax benefit to the trade and that benefit is enough to offset the price difference to retail. Its also more convenient if the numbers are close.
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