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Re: S60 T5 to R when to trade? (myVolvoS60T5)

In his profile he has an '01 T5 that he has owned for a year so hopefully it had already taken a huge depreciation hit before he bought it.

The best time to trade really depends on a few variables, such has- 1) what you have into the car; 2) what you can get for it; 3) what the new car is costing you; and 4) how much you are willing to pay to move up, i.e., the cost differential.

In my case, the cost differential was around $20 to trade my '99 T5 and get a used '04 R. It was worth it to me because I got a 5 year newer car with 50,000 less miles, and, well, it's an R. YMMV.

Good luck with your decision.
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