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Hi all,

I'll keep this short. I need some measurements from a spare a volvo s60 17" spare tire wheel.

I need the center bore and the center piece outside diameter as shown below. if someone could measure the center piece outside diameter I'd appreciate it.

is the center bore 65.1 or 63.4mm???

found the CB i was looking for.
The 2001-2009 S60 and 1999-2006 S80 had 65.1mm CB
The 2010+ S60 and 2007+ S80 have 63.4mm CB

I still could really use help in the other measurement.


in case people are wondering what for, it's for a ford transit connect project, wider wheels are needed and it shares the 5x108 bolt pattern,

kinda like this:

this thread outlines what is being done.
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