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Posted by mistake on the general forum.

Thought this may be of interest. Heck, I am always looking for this kind of info. Here are the current rates as of 1/30/02:

2.4T 3year MF 0.00194 (4.7%)
4year MF 0.00231 (5.5%)

T5 3year MF .00201 (4.8%)
4year MF .00221 (5.3%)

2.4T 3year Res 57%/55%
4year Res 51%/49%

T5 3year Res 56%/54%
4year Res 48%/46%

Now there are some adjustments on the residuals for cars without leather. I didn't get into it since mine has it but it was a percentage point or two. I know that makes a huge difference in your payment so I guess you should find that out.

The standard Volvo acquisition fee is $495. They will not budge. My dealer started at $795 so I told him to reduce it.

In MD, we pay sales tax on the whole car up front. Yes it sucks. Check your state. Most states add the sales tax to the monthly payment (and the downpayment).

I have a handy little excel lease spreadsheet that was almost to the penny compared to the dealers terminal. As we wheeler-dealed over the phone this evening I was telling her the payment amount. I will post it on the web and provide a link if anyone wants it.


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