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S60 R V70 R Monroe OEM Shocks Group Buy !

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So we offer group buy for brand new OEM Monroe shocks for cars with C-Four susspension.


Up to 10 shocks:
420 USD / one shock

Up to 15 shocks:
400 USD / one shock

Up to 30 shocks:
385 USD / one shock

Shipping will be about 15-20 USD per shock if up to 10 shocks will be ordered, if more of course cheaper.

You should choose how long should we keep this group buy before any final order.

Everything is OEM.

If anyone is interested in OEM Quality Lucas brake pads for R series please give some note so we can maybe open group buy for them also. Prices are very good.

You can contact me at corporate email [email protected]

Have picture of Front shocks today. Didnt had any time to take pictures of rear ones.

Original text:


Our company got a proud status to be exclusive Monroe representative in our country so as i am a big fan of R series i can offer to you all R fans ability to buy new OEM S60R and V70R shocks for very very good prices comparing to Volvo dealer pricing.

Shocks are identical to ones that Volvo sells knowing that only one company makes them.

Also available shocks for non-R cars C-Four systems.

I recently replaced all four shocks and was amazed how car changed its handling. This happens due to electronic control valve in old shocks becoming old makes shocks very bumpy.

Anyway pictures coming latter today, but by the time please give me some advice what would be a good price in your opinion and i will make the best price i can get for you R drivers.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Payments via Wire or Paypal accepted.
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Dude we can get them cheaper than that at darryl waltrip or bvv. way cheaper even with shipping.
Darn, was hoping for something more reasonable. Good luck with the sales.
Re: (crimnlmnded)

Quote, originally posted by crimnlmnded »
Dude we can get them cheaper than that at darryl waltrip or bvv. way cheaper even with shipping.

lol...heck yea!

these prices are ROFL material
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Re: (phuz)

Like DWBF1 said in the other thread - This may well be a very good deal for the europeans folks.

A quick check of a european site shows these shocks are over 470 euros each - That's over $600 US so we might not want to come down too hard on the offer since the only reference point the OP probably has is local prices. Europeans do in fact pay much more to maintain vehicles than we do in the US - partially due to VAT's (Valued Added Tax) that can add upwards of 20% tax to each purchase. I know for a fact Germany's VAT is 19%. Even without the tax, just about everything is considerably more expensive in Europe than in the US.

As an example, I priced a replacement 18" Peg at the dealer while I was living in Germany and it was 700 EUROS per Peg ($895 US) - without the VAT.

Re: (wdodge52)

Count me in for 2 front / 2 rear 2005 S60R IF you can lower the price to $325 per corner. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif http://********************/smile/emthup.gif BY THE WAY - John at BVV is a great guy, I buy lots from him but he quoted me $xxx per corner (=MORE). I'm checking with Darryl Waltrip but these seem cheap.

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Call DW Volvo Honda Subaru and ask for Don tell him you are from SS and you get a fat discount. SS, VS, Turbo bricks etc.
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