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Originally posted by Val Silva:
I have a 2001 S60 T5. Starting a few days ago the following began:

-A whining sound when I turn the wheel. The more agressively I turn, the louder the whine.

-An occasional slight vibration/stutter through the steering wheel when turning.

-Occassionally sluggish steering response ie it feels as though it's tougher to turn the wheel at times during a turn. But it's not uniform.

All these symtoms are exagerated when the car is cold and tend to decrease when the cars warms, but do not disapear.

I check the power steering fluid reservoir and it's full.

Any ideas before I take my car in?
It sounds like p/s fluid. That fluid is usually dark red so if it is tainted (especially with dirt) then it could appear brown.

Even if it is full, you could have a hole somewhere where an air bubble exists in any of the hoses and that deprives the p/s rack of the hydraulic pressure it needs, making it feel like there is lack of fluid.

We had a 2001 S80 2.9 (brand new) with the same symptoms a few months ago and we could not figure out (immediately) what the problem was. AT the end, we had to replace the entire power steering rack.

Good luck,

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