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Hi All,
I have a 2015.5 S60, US spec, but I live in Germany. In mid September a number of warning lights activated including ABS, check engine, and the brake light and I would intermittently get a message “brake system failure Stop safely”.
I took the car to a non-Volvo mechanic for testing and it came back with a laundry list of error codes. They said the battery was bad and should be replaced.
I took it to a Volvo dealership where they replaced the battery, but the lights stayed on. They said they needed some time to figure it out. After about 2 weeks they said that they had never seen anything like this and that they thought it was either the “steuergeraet” (which I believe translates to the “electronic control unit”) or the “kabelbaum” (cable harness) and we should choose which to replace.
Eventually they agreed to send the ECU off for testing and result indicated that the ECU was damaged by an external short circuit and there were 10 error codes.
They do not know what caused it but think it was probably the thermostat, but cannot say why. They plan on putting in a new thermostat and a new ECU and hope that it doesn’t blow again.

Does this sound nuts to anyone else? What if it isn’t the thermostat and it blows again? How would they even know if it damaged the ECU again without sending it off for testing.

I have a lot of issues with this shop and doubt their competence and integrity. I am trying to figure out a way ahead as I have been with out my car for over a month.

Have any of you heard of such issues?

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