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S60 CPO Question

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I have a 2017 S60 with 44k miles. The rear tires have feathering with 26k miles on them. Costco says my shocks are bad. Is this covered under the Platinum CPO Warranty? I read the exclusions and didn't see it as one.
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CPO will not cover shocks. Your shocks are probably OK. Volvo rear shocks rarely fail and last a long time. You will probably get many opinions about tires. You should rotate tires every 5K miles if possible. Do it yourself. You change oil every 10K, this is almost too long to rotate tires. Out of alignment can cause tire feathering.
Shocks are on the exclusion list. I would agree they are probably not bad.
Costco says my shocks are bad.
Yes, and surprisingly Costco sells replacement shocks! How convenient.
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