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Hey, I am new to this forum, but nonetheless a passionate Volvo owner! I am interested in doing some upgrades to my mostly stock 2002 Volvo s60 2.4T FWD. Noted, I am currently paying for college so this most definitely a build on a small budget. Regardless, and out of curiosity, I'm testing the waters to see what people are willing to offer. I am sure I will be disappointed because I know how expensive Volvo's can be. Below are list of parts I am considering upgrading to. Please be patient with any ignorance on my part, I am sure I know much less than all of you! :D

-16T turbo
-Any R body parts (front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts)
-R manifold
-R downpipe
-R exhaust
-any aftermarket or R suspension components that would create for a better driving feel!
-aftermarket air intake

Other offers/suggestions/recommendations/advice are welcomed!
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