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Hi all,
First post here, but I've read a mix of topics to cover my general understanding of the marque.For info I'm reasonable experienced with modding cars over the years, but I'm looking to clarify a number of questions to ensure I avoid any pitfalls that are particular to these cars.

Anyway I don't own this car, I'm simply helping a friend get a reliable car to somewhere in the region of 360 bhp

Onto the car, it's a 2006 2.4 T5 ex plod mobile 260 bhp motor, with around 180k on the clock, seems in reasonable condition and has just passed its MOT. As far as can tell it is still on the original turbo, and doesn't burn a noticeable amount of oil.

I've done a compression test and have got between 135 to 140 psi across all cylinders, and then after oil in the cylinders and retesting got around 160 ish psi afterwards. So for me an element of wear with either bore or rings.

First question is this a normal set of compression results for these engines, as it doesn't seem to be breathing ?

Next question relates to what appears to be an oil leak from within the cambelt cover assembly, it looks to be below the line of the head but has been dragged around the cambelt assembly. For me it's rare for crank seal leaks on most cars, but I'm open to the experience of the people on here. I've read about breather system issues and the crankcase pipe that is fed into the rocker cover has perished so I'm looking for opinions. Obviously I'm planning to do the cambelt imminently but I don't want to change it only to contaminate the new belt

Onto tuning, I've fitted a boost gauge and it's showing about 0.8 bar of boost, is this correct for a standard car?

I'm also fitting an EGT gauge to monitor exhaust gas temps, to which today I've removed the turbo and manifold. With a view to seeing what standard EGTs are like.
Ive found a small crack in the manifold(which will explain the cold start ticking noise), also the hot side of the turbo has a crack internally near the waste gate. So I'll have the manifold welded up tomorrow, but is it normal for these turbos to crack, or is the housing scrap?

Also gasket matching the manifold and turbo assemblies, but as standard they are not too bad, based on other cars I've done previously

Whilst the turbo is off I plan to take it to a local turbo specialist , to inspect/advise. My question for you folks is should I think about changing the compressor and turbine wheels to achieve the target of 360 ish bhp? Considering it's done 180k ??

Also I've seen you can buy a recirc valve upgrade (Forge), with various spring options, anyone with a view about these??

After that we plan on fitting water injection (50/50 mix), then fitting an aftermarket FMIC (Swedish manufacturer DO88 I think). Not sure on exhaust options, so looking for views in general on this

And finally a remap where the water injection system can both lower EGTs and also trim the fuelling to maximise power. I've read about someone called Hamish in Bromsgrove, who seems to know his onions, so I plan on talking to him in the near future.

Have I missed anything, or things I should confirm before continuing??

After all that I'm guessing the stock clutch won't hold for too long, so I'd appreciate people's views on options with these

Lots of questions but I'm open to the view of more experienced Volvo modders

Cheers Jamie

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That's an awesome car to start with, it's basically identical to the R motor except the cylinder walls are 1mm thicker, since it's a 2.4 not a 2.5. It already has the K24 turbo and R manifold, and the R head. It's basically the toughest 5 cylinder Volvo ever made and should need no mods internally to do what you want. Just increasing the boost to 1 bar will give you 300 BHP with no other modifications. I believe cracks in the K24 exhaust housing are normal but I'm not 100% sure.

Read the R forum as well for more mod info. Basically a 3 inch exhaust, 3 inch intake pipe, and upgraded intercooler are all you need for a tune to take you to your power goals. The meth injection will help too. I don't believe you need to upgrade your turbo wheels but you can for just that much more.
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