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s60 2.4 t5 2006 B5244T5 wastegate setting

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Hello, i adjusted my wastegate according to the vida specifications. 0.7 bar, 7mm travel with digital gauges and accurate.
With this settings the car is overboosting.
I reduced the preload step by step, now with three turns lower then the vida spec its working without overboosting. The base pressure without TCV is now 6.5 psi, 0.45 bar.
With TCV connected the car boosts to 14-15 psi 0.95- 1.0 bar. I think this is for a stock software to much, but it works good without stutters or anything.

Can anyone provide me the correct base pressure with TCV disconnected, that i can adjust it perfect.

I think it stands in the ecu software but there is no way for me to look at it.

PS the car has the m66 manual Transmission.

Many Thanks
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In the german forum they said it shoud boost to max. 0.6-0.7 bar. A user there with a v70 2.4 t5 confirmed it to.
But with a mounted tme catback exhaust that i have installed to.
So i'm unsure whats going on. I dont want to crack the engine...
Not that the wastegate is set incorrectly.
I drive the car with 10liter/100km (62,13 miles). That should be 23,5 miles per gal. But i live in a mountainous area. My d5 s60 consumed with the same road profile 7l/100km of Diesel.
Original light blue injectors.
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