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S60 2.4 base model, 5 speed manual

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I am new to swedespeed, so please forgive me if this has been a subject in the past. I am current S40 owner and we are looking at S60 as our second car (replacing high mileage Honda Accord) for family use (1 child - toddler). There are many reviews on the T5 and 2.4T, but almost nothing on the base model. Would anybody with base model care to comment on their impressions? I am not that interested in high performance, but do not want a dog either. We are impressed with Volvo safety and comfort - we have already driven S40 cross country twice and really like it. Also, any comments on Volvo durability for the long haul would be welcome. I realize that the S60 is quite new, thus there is limited data. Any comments from "road warriors" with high mileage would be welcome. My perspective on durability is of course the Honda. Thanks in advance.
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Originally posted by samulsoon_0503:
It looks like results of S60 crash tests are very good, but not excellent. Others in this class (and/or car size) score equally well or better with these tests. It seems as if the many inovations of Volvo do not come into play with these tests, and therefore the ratings may be somewhat pessimistic. Would anybody care to offer an opinion on this?

Well, I don't know why 2001 models scored at 4 stars but I read that 2002 models were rated at 5 stars. Anywya, I would not be concerned if I were you; you obviously have followed the link posted above and be assured that the S60 chassis is the offspring of the S80 chassis which has rated as high as it goes.

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