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S60 2.4 base model, 5 speed manual

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I am new to swedespeed, so please forgive me if this has been a subject in the past. I am current S40 owner and we are looking at S60 as our second car (replacing high mileage Honda Accord) for family use (1 child - toddler). There are many reviews on the T5 and 2.4T, but almost nothing on the base model. Would anybody with base model care to comment on their impressions? I am not that interested in high performance, but do not want a dog either. We are impressed with Volvo safety and comfort - we have already driven S40 cross country twice and really like it. Also, any comments on Volvo durability for the long haul would be welcome. I realize that the S60 is quite new, thus there is limited data. Any comments from "road warriors" with high mileage would be welcome. My perspective on durability is of course the Honda. Thanks in advance.
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My wife and I have owned an S60 2.4M for over one year and we love it. Overall, its not a barn burner, but a more than adequate car. I agree with Lisa62 on many accounts, however I believe that I can offer some further insight because our vehicle has a manual transmission.

Our car came with no options, therefore we have the base engine, the manual transmission and the 15" tires. This combination offers an excellent ride both on highways and main roads. The suspension is much better than on my S70. I have also driven S60s with lower profile tires and found that a lower profile tire may improve some handling and stability while not sacrificing ride comfort.

Although it is usually the two of us in the car, the engine pulls strongly, especially if you drop a gear. Although it is the same engine as in the S70, it is much livelier in the S60, especially with the manual. While BMW may not be too concerned about the manual in the Volvo unit, it isn't bad, a little notchy, but not sloppy.

What you will find is the 40 may handle a little more sharply and may feel more powerful, however the 60 is a more solid, luxurious and safe car.

The price difference from the 40 to the base 60 is not that much. The S60 represented a great value within the Volvo line and against its competitors. The equivalent Audi, BMW or Benz would have cost me thousands more.

My only recommendation would be to choose some better performance tires.
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