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Good day,just wondering have anyone done a conversion of S60 2.3T5 to S60R AWD before?Was palnning to do this since is imposssible to get a original S60R in my country.If anyone have done it before,please do share your experince.Beside thn converting to R is there other way to upgrade plan to increase the car power?Thanks in advance
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Way too much time and effort for a car that isn’t worth all that much money! Adjust your expectations of what you have or buy something different. As someone who has done swaps, they are ALWAYS more work than you can believe they might be, and in the end you have a Frankenstein car that no one wants to buy for what you have into it!
Ahh i see,yeap one thing for a fact it definietly required a lot of time and effort.Original V70R or S60R is really rare in my country ,if im not mistaken it only have 10 units, plus the cost of mport tax in our country are sky high .Thats why it came to my mind of converting one.There are actually quite a number of Volvo Enthusiastic have done the convertion ,some say worth it while some say is a nightmare.Just wanna see anyone in other country have done convertion like this. Anyways thanks for your reply and truely appriciate it.Im new and hope to learn more about S60R.
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