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Tomorrow the car is going to be custom tuned. After i installed the 3"DP (no cat)
and the 2.5" exhaust the check engine light stays on sometimes.. This only happens when i drive slow
in traffic on my way to work. When i go home the lights stays on. I used a delphi OBD
device and the faultcode is 4801 faultcode unknown. I emailt the supplier and they gave me
the volvo sheets with the code 284: ECM-4801 and other pdf sheets. They mension the cat and
some other possible faults.

The first weeks i had no faults, now a couple times a week. The tuner is going to delete the last
sensor that's in the original cat in the software, so then it should give no trouble i hope.

But this must be the cat right? I also made a video of the dtcs:

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