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Has anyone been successful in dealing on the price with the V40? The dealers seem pretty stuck on MSRP or close to it?
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i'm not sure whether you're talking about the S40 (like in your topic) or the V40 (like in your post), but it probably shouldn't make a difference,...

FWIW, i didn't even pay sticker on my S40, and it's an SE! shop around,...

I was able to negotiate for my V40 to what I think was the fair market price that Edmunds gave. It was hard for me to compare since Edmunds only has US prices and I'm in Canada.

You should be able to do better than list - the whole car industry's in a slump. Volvo had lease incentives up here too.

Move that inventory!
Tell me this. We are looking at leasing a '01 S40. $308 a month for 48 months with 15k a year. $1400 cash out of pocket at signing. The car has everything but power seats. Does that sound fair?
Can't tell, but looks close to the lease deal that was available when I bought. But US vs Cdn. pricing doesn't make any sense in general.

The way I do things is I negotiate the price of the car first. When they ask about lease vs. buy vs. cash outright I hedge and go back to the price. The dealer is lying when they say that they can't negotiate pricing on a lease. Do they really expect you to pay sticker?

Once I get to the price - check out Edmunds.com - I want, then I deal with the issue of financing. If you can try to find out what the residual percentage is on the term of your lease. This is how much the car will be worth as a percent of the final price. My Saturn leased super cheap because the residual was 65%. That means that I was 'renting' only 35% of the car's value over three years. Great deal - minivans worked the same way too a few years back. But with the glut of used minivans on the market resale values have dropped and so have residuals. You don't want to get stuck paying for too much of the car then have to return it.

The other thing is lease rates - when I bought the rates were the same as financing so it was a wash for me. Since I want to keep this car I bought, but I seriously considered leasing since I had some concerns about the car.

good luck,
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beetleracer, that sounds like an awesome deal!
If you're looking for a deal, try looking for a 2000 model. About 2 months ago, I bought a brand new untitled S40 1.9T with every available option for $22,000! The dealer invoice was around $26,000 and the msrp was about $28,000. Seems too good to be true. So far I love the car. I just hope it doesn't fall apart. Seems the dealer had to make room for all the new 2001 models coming in ? I'll take it !!

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