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S40 mirror covers

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Where I can find mirror covers for 2005 S40? I found some carbonfibre covers, but I was thinking about aluminium or aluminium look.
Will the R-design aluminium covers fit?
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Re: S40 mirror covers (Freed)

+1 on that. my 05 is black so I prefer the chrome ones myself, but as far as I can remember, someone here said that the R design ones don't fit 05s.
Re: S40 mirror covers (V50_T5)

05 mirrors are physically smaller.
I wonder if they will fit the 07
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Re: S40 mirror covers (zerocover)

Nope, the 05 ones can be modified to fit 07s, but not the other way around. The 07+ have the larger signal lenses.
my search is down, does anyone have the thread to taking off the mirror lenses, or is it simple enough to explain briefly?

much appreciated
Re: S40 mirror covers (sanatarium)

How about changing the whole mirrors? Is the mounting same?
Re: S40 mirror covers (Freed)

Quote, originally posted by Freed »
How about changing the whole mirrors? Is the mounting same?
I would like to know this too....
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