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Hi, just wanted to share latest experience with Volvo Service and these codes. So background..i have check engine light come on/off whenever it wants...I recommend going to a mechanic you trust, have them read codes in your car. I was reluctant to just change the sensor that came up as Fuel Pressure Too High - 100's of sensors, which one is actually causing the fault and data all going back to central computer. $700 later I can tell you I should have trusted my instincts and just get my mechanic to replace the sensor.

So what do you get for $700 at Volvo these days?
#1. Volvo Service charges $130 just to scan the car and give you a report..if you choose to fix it, they waive this fee (but just wait, they get it back)
#2. Volvo's VITA system picked up the same codes as my mechanic's Atmel or Maixscan (whatever he used) - so at least i know his scanner is "Volvo" compatible
#3. They took 3 hrs to "diagnose" the codes (yes i had like 4-6 other ones but i only told them i wanted the ECM codes fixed).
#4. The actual replacing of the part is maybe 10 min max.
#5. Free car wash (worth $15 CAD) but when i got the car it was still dirty
#6. Free complimentary update to software (i bet nothing was updated since the computer probably had the latest programs when it was under warranty

Part for sensor $300
Labor $300
add taxes...and your at $700

I should have replaced the sensor, bought it on eBay or wherever for $200 (vovlo genuine parts aka BOSH) and paid my mechanic $50 and buy him a coffee and he would be happy).

The best part of this, i asked the dealer, what is the "book time" for replacing this sensor...he couldn't give it too me and gave me the time of 3 hrs was put on diagnosing the car, road testing it, etc...really...i thought the $130 was for this...next time...I'll pay the $130...then go back a week later and have them just replace the part which would take 1 hr tops for labor.

This is how they make the coin..dumb asses like me who know nothing about cars, but know the difference between "book time" and "bull**** time"
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