Volvo will begin introducing the second generations of its new fleet of cars next year. Once the new XC90 is revealed, Volvo will reportedly up the ante with the XC100.

According to Motor Trend , which does not cite any sources (though this is about the time when the legacy car mags start revealing tidbits of information gleaned from press departments eager to build buzz), the XC100 will be the brand’s new flagship. 

Unlike the XC90, it won’t be aimed at practicality, instead, it will be a luxurious ode to Volvo style. Other luxury brands are turning their big SUVs into coupes, too. Audi has already done it with the Q8, while BMW and Mercedes are supposedly working on coupe versions of the X7 and the GLS.

The segment may be a tough one to compete in, but Volvo plans on having an ace up its sleeve. Built on the improved SPA II chassis, the XC100 should have access to an all-electric variant, named Recharge.

Volvo also plans to sell its SPA II cars with all the hardware necessary for autonomous driving, so the XC100 may have an advantage there, too.