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In my previous post I figured out how to display images of the OSD rear license plate frame & factory bracket and some minor modifications I made.

On the front end of most cars nowadays the license plate extends out further than any other part of the car. Due to sloppiness among other drivers the typical metal dealer license frame will eventually get dinged up and in some cases the paint on the Volvo will get damaged. Older cars had protruding rubber bumpers or even rubber bumper guard extensions in the case of my old Porsche 914.

For our 2012 S80 I ordered a rubber license frame from www.flexyframe.com for about $30 including the shipping from New York.

When I removed the front factory license bracket I noted that instead of t5 bolts it was mounted with two philips head screws. There were no black plastic stand-off inserts like I had found on the rear bracket. I added five rubber inserts to the bracket in addition to two rubber washers between the bracket and the bumper shroud to keep the bracket from touching the paint.

First I remounted the factory bracket (with the rubber spacers installed) to the bumper with the original phillips head screws.

Second I slipped the license into the Flexyframe and placed that on the four bracket studs. The original dome nuts stick out too far so I went to the hardware store and got four stainless steel metric nuts that had matching metric threads. The nuts hide under rubber caps and unlike dome nuts they will not poke holes in someone else's rear bumper shroud should one get sloppy when parking.

Thanks to William at Lawrence Volvo for the tip regarding Flexyframe.
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