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This has been going on for a while and is now getting to the point where it happens everytime i drive. No i do not have a high idle, but as a am driving the rpm gauge slowly but surely increases to the point today that i was on the highway going 60 mph in 6th gear and the rpm gauge read 3000 rpm. I know that is not the rpm the car is suppose to be at when i am at 60 mph in 6th gear. When i got back from my drive this afternoon and turned off the car this is where my rpm sat at.

Its funny that the rpm gauge is sitting at 800 rpm, and that the difference between my rpms at 60 (3000) and the actual rpms that is suppose to be at (2200) is the point where my gauge is sitting at. However if i turn off the car for 5 minutes the needle will casually drop back down to 0. Anyone have this happen to them or have heard of a fix for this. This problem has never tripped a code

Thank you

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