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I recently bought an 09 XC90 3.2 FWD, knowing it had a few items that needed attention. This is the third Volvo for us, so I know my way around one reasonably well. The wife is still driving her 2010 S40 that we bought through the Overseas Delivery Program. When I get the kid through college, I hope to do that again, maybe for a new XC90!

The 2nd time I test drove it, it threw an anti-skid error which I figured would be the clockspring behind the steering wheel, which I used to my advantage in negotiating the deal. It hasn't thrown that error again in over 400 miles of driving, funny that I could create it on demand at the dealership just by turning the steering wheel to the left to the stop. In preparation for the clockspring repair, I've purchased a VIDA DiCE unit from Aliexpress and it seems to work great. I'm ready for it when it decides to come back!

No. 2 on the list was figure out why the engine was so darn loud on acceleration. It's had a bit of a metallic sound to it but completely went away once there was no load on the engine. I noticed that the first time I drove it, but I drove a 2010 model at another dealership and it sounded similar, so I figured that's just the way they are. After getting mine home and spending about a week with it, I decided it just wasn't right and went about trying to figure it out. A friend that's a mechanic went to lunch with me last Friday and he said he thought it was coming from the right front which was a relief since the transaxle is on the left side of the engine. Looking through VIDA, I noticed there is a motor mount on the lower right side. I confirmed that mine was shot on Sunday afternoon and picked up a new mount yesterday at my local dealer. I managed to change it today during my lunch hour and am happy to report that the new mount fixed the noise.

I tried to capture some before and after video to illustrate the noise but it didn't work out very good, can't really hear the roar that well.
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