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I just wanted to post about the trip my wife and I took in our 99 S80.

The 99 gets a lot of bad ink about the problems of a first-year model, but I've got to say that our 2500 mile trip from PA to South Dakota and back was one of the most enjoyable road trips we've ever taken. OK -- except for the tollways around Chicago!

We took three days to get to SD, and two to get back to PA. We averaged about 80 mph on the interstates, and got about 28 mpg.

We used to think the seats in our 240s were comfortable, but these easy chairs in the 80 are unreal. We stopped at a service center on the Ohio Turnpike, and my wife remarked that people getting out of other cars looked tired and sore, but not us!

The highlight of the trip, for me at least, was a stop at Tire Rack. VP Matt Edmonds took us on a tour -- talk about a kid in a candy store. And the 80 appreciated seeing where its wheels and tires came from.

Other than the oil leak, this car has a lot of life left in it.
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