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Road Trip Thread anywhere?

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Is there a Forum/Thread for road trips in general, not buried under each specific car?
I'm curious because I'm heading out this Friday from SW PA to Indiana for "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indianapolis 500!
Normally I go with my dad on a chartered bus run by a family that has been going for over 80 years straight (except when it didn't run, and you weren't allowed (COVID)), I think my dad has been to about 40 in a row now, and I've been to probably 15 or so...
Anyway, due to some sucky health issues, I think it will be prudent to drive this time and meet the bus at the hotel. So I have a car available, and if needed, I can leave early and/or stop often, without affecting anyone else on the trip.
It should end up being about a 800 mile trip between Friday, and returning Monday.
My dad will ride with me, but I'm trying to persuade him to take the party bus out!
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I just checked, this will be my 19th and I haven't missed one since 2009, first was in 1987.
I probably won't take it to the track, depending on if I end up skipping the parade on Saturday. (Best festival parade in the world!)
I've never seen a road trip thread, regional forum would be your best bet.

Always drive your own car, then you can get pictures :D

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Great picture! I've been in there several times, each time I loved it.
FWIW, here is my dad dressed as a spectator for the Parade!
Sky Building Street light Infrastructure Sleeve

And some shots from our seats (2021 I think), I mainly watch the pits all day.

And the Russian nesting dolls of Speedway
A "Speedway" Truck (and sign) AT the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IN Speedway Indiana. (The track is actually NOT in Indianapolis, but Speedway)
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Pro Tip: You veterans may know this, but I highly recommend a scanner and a list of team frequencies. It instantly turns the caution laps from the most boring to the most entertaining laps of the race. Uncensored and unfiltered!

Man. you would have blushed to hear the words coming out of Eddie Cheever's mouth as he was sloooowly being towed into the pits after running out of gas.

The drivers seem to turn into chatterboxes during the caution laps. You very quickly understand who is having a good day and who is actually in deep do-do.
I've never done that, but my dad is interested. He listens to the race via earbuds/radio under his hearing protection, I just wear my shooting ear muff things.
We've been wondering if there is an app that you can buy/subscribe to and listen in to races with or not.
I'm trying to find my go-to printable spotter's guide. This guy had EVERYTHING on it, even pit assignments, past wins, everything.
I sit across from the line between Pit 2 & Pit3, and love watching that action.
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Weekend went very well. The drive there following the bus led to some EXTREMELY interesting MPG results!
I'll proably post it separately, but to sum up.
2.0 ICE + Supercharger + Turbocharger + PHEV + DIESEL ASSIST!!! = phenomenal range!
I averaged over 40.0 MPG again over 700+ miles with a STRONG DISCLAIMER. Since I was following the main group's chartered bus, which was limited to 66 MPH, speeds were nice and moderate, and I was on Adaptive Cruise basically the entire time. And once I met up with the bus on the way out, I averaged 43, then 47 MPG over 300 miles or more.
I was mostly on distance setting 2 or 3 behind the bus (or as it passed trucks, I'd hang behind a truck for a while, then catch up) so drafting a moving billboard at highway speeds really, really, helps! The trip home was much more "normal" driving, and mainly 70MPH as posted, and the overall trip still was 40.3
Overall Trip (I left with full battery, and never charged after that, but did my usual use of Pure/Hold to optimize)

Leg 3 and 4 of the trip was basically maintianing EV charge, it would drop and climb but was around 50% the entire time, so no real "home charge" benefit.
Leg 3, which was sort of behind the bus as practical averaging about 58 MPH heading down to rt 70, then out past Columbus

Leg 4 was after rest stop break, and I was tucked in nicely with less traffic, behind the bus almost the entire time.
Just west of Columbus to New Castle IN. (Hotel)
Average speed just about dead on 60MPH.
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And a couple pics of the Parade, and some action in the Pits at the race.
The vehicle formerly know as "Weinermobile"

A nice sized Potato

Shots from our seats (Penthouse A, across from just between Pits 2 &3)
I can almost smell the tire smoke through the alcohol burning now

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