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Road Trip Thread anywhere?

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Is there a Forum/Thread for road trips in general, not buried under each specific car?
I'm curious because I'm heading out this Friday from SW PA to Indiana for "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indianapolis 500!
Normally I go with my dad on a chartered bus run by a family that has been going for over 80 years straight (except when it didn't run, and you weren't allowed (COVID)), I think my dad has been to about 40 in a row now, and I've been to probably 15 or so...
Anyway, due to some sucky health issues, I think it will be prudent to drive this time and meet the bus at the hotel. So I have a car available, and if needed, I can leave early and/or stop often, without affecting anyone else on the trip.
It should end up being about a 800 mile trip between Friday, and returning Monday.
My dad will ride with me, but I'm trying to persuade him to take the party bus out!
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I used to live in Indianapolis. I tell everybody that Indianapolis is to racing what Hollywood is to movies.

Such tradition! Many people like yourself attend year after year after year, often keeping the same seats. Same for those around you, so it's like an annual family reunion.

I have stories.

Have fun! Looks to be a good one this year.

For those who have never been, the first thing that impresses you is the size of the joint. It's mind-blowingly humongous!
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Pro Tip: You veterans may know this, but I highly recommend a scanner and a list of team frequencies. It instantly turns the caution laps from the most boring to the most entertaining laps of the race. Uncensored and unfiltered!

Man. you would have blushed to hear the words coming out of Eddie Cheever's mouth as he was sloooowly being towed into the pits after running out of gas.

The drivers seem to turn into chatterboxes during the caution laps. You very quickly understand who is having a good day and who is actually in deep do-do.
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